Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes from sources or processes that are constantly replenished.

There are many low cost even no-cost options to keep your clients energy bill low. If your clients home or business is energy efficient they may be ready to make the switch to renewable energy sources like the following:

Solar Energy

The most popular renewable energy solution. With technology advancements and growth of the solar industry prices have fallen dramatically. Many finance options are available such as leasing solar panels.

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Wind Energy

As with solar panels the price of wind energy systems have come down. If you live on atleast 1 acre of land with strong wind resources wind energy might work for you. However they do require careful planning.

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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal heat pumps heat and cool buildings by concentrating the naturally existing heat contained within the earth. Most homeowners can reduce their heating and cooling costs by up to 70 percent.

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Why everyone should switch to green energy

Energy demand is growing globally and our dependence on fossil fuels is increasing rapidly. Sources of energy such as oil, gas and coal will not last forever so we all must do our part to conserve energy for the next generation. This can be done by switching to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal.

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Dixon Energy LLC

Reasons to choose us for your next project

We are passionate about renewable energy and our recommendations will always be in your best interest. We look forward to building long-term relationships with our architects, builders and engineering firms.

Newest Technologies

Our team uses the most modern equipment including thermal drones for aerial thermography inspections.

Helping the Planet

Renewable energy decreases gas emissions from fossil fuels and also reduces some types of air pollution.

Energy Efficiency

We provide an onsite energy audit because saving energy is always less expensive than producing energy.

Renewable Energy

We offer professional renewable energy design and consulting services to architects, builders and engineers.